Wednesday, October 18, 2006

pack rat and stacker

My husband is a stacker and keeper. I am the one that sorts mail by the trash! LOL


So today I am sick of looking at stacks of shit, so I am cleaning it out. Do we really need a sales flyer from last week?

Did anyone see oprah yesterday? I liked the part where she was talking to the amish people. I need to simplify my life more.

My ex had family members who use to live in the community. I really did admire them. They were so happy, and yet their lives were so simple. I sometimes wonder if I am bogged down by to many possession. As a matter of fact I know I am!

Anyway I am off to finish cleaning.


jeadie05 said...

I think we could all learn a lesson from the such as the Amish people ,yes I have many possessions I'm sure  could live without ,.,.,Jan xx

redpoppy007 said...

I too have too much stuff, I am trying to do better.

beckerb6 said...

I know I have to much stuff. I have gotten rid of a lot of junk and have more I need to deal with. Being a pack rat, sentimental kind of person it is hard but I am getting there.

lifes2odd said...

This is exactly the point of my "Lifes Little Challenges" journal!!
Martha :-)

gehi6 said...

I once counted and I had moved around 57 times in my life.  That will teach you to get rid of stuff, if nothing else will, especially if you have to pack all your belongings in one car.  The first thing I learned not to move was books, so those around me got all those.  My husband and I once moved a fridge to Calif. on a u-haul.  I told him later, after it nearly jack knifed, we can never do that again. Big furniture no!  The downside was I lost two or three of my most precious 8 by 10 photos.  Sisters were helping me pack and overlooked them.