Thursday, October 5, 2006


   Well I sold the sewing machine yesterday. That $200 was gone so fast! LOL I paid for a conference that the girls want to go to and I paid my mom's yard guy. Rusty said well at least it did not come out of our budget! LOL

So anyway, here is a conversation I had with my mom yesterday.

Me: Hey mom what is going on?

mom: Well you missed an eventful few day's here

Me: What happened?

mom: I woke up at 10:32 because I heard a train coming. I grabbed my glasses and headed to the basement. After the train passed I went up stairs to find out that a tornado just went through our neighborhood.

Me: are you o.k.? how much damage was done to the house?

mom: I had a few trees come down, the roof we put on is bent, the garage roof is missing some shingles, the wood pile is scattered. I have not gone up into the attic to check for damage yet, we just got power back. I have been with out power for three days.

Me: did you lose all of your food? Is the house safe to live in?

mom: dad bought a generator before he got real sick and showed me how to use it. I was able to keep the fridge, the freezer and the sump pump running. But then I ran out of fuel and the pump could not run, so the basement flooded.

Me: do you need for me to come out there? Do you have power now?

mom: no, you do not need to come back, I do have power now. So now I have to start the clean up. What I need is for your dads life insurence policy to come in. I need to have the rest of the trees removed.

me: do you need us to send you some money?

mom: I do not know. all I do know right now is that The branches are off the power lines, and the house is still standing.

Then we just bull shited for a while. It is so late in the year, tornandos do not usually hit this time of year.

This may sound bad, but I am so glad that dad died before this happened. I do not know what my mom would have done with no power and my dad. I do know that she would not have been able to get him to the basement in time.

Anyway, Rusty took Amber to get her drivers permit. I so hope that she passes the test. Amber is also dissapointed that she is only working two days this week when she asked for more hours. I told her to wait and see what next week brings.

today I am going to do some stuff around here. I need to go get a tarp so that I can cover the desk I am working on. we are suppose to get some rain and I would hate for it to get ruined before I get it done.

I hope everyone has a great day.


nelishianatl said...

OMG!  I know you are so worried about your Mom.  It does makes sense about what you said about your Dad.  Very much so!  I kinda hated to see your sewing machine go.  So glad that the extra income came in handy though.  I am going to make some things for Christmas this year with mine.  I really got back in the mood when I heard you talking and saw the picture.  
Your kids are having the time of their life.   I bet they feel so adult now that they're driving.

amyrangei said...

Wow, it sounds like your mom's house got hit with a big one!!!  Glad she is safe!


cgtperkins said...

OMG, Im so glad your mom is safe!! Hope everything goes ok for her getting cleaned up and stuff............maybe ""that kid"" will come and help her....LOL
Oh, Good luck to Amber

rtgilmore34 said...

Holy Shit Kell, I think i would've had a heartache!  When you and I were living in Indiana, I saw one twister, and then another time in Bowling Green kentucky.  I got the hell out of Indiana after that and never looked back.  You and I know there were many other reasons for leaving Indiana though.  :o)

Love ya,

lifes2odd said...

Just catching up on your last few entries. Sure glad your mother is okay, that's so scary! -- Glad to hear you have been getting some stuff done around the house too! Martha :-)

seraphoflove9001 said...

Oh my Kelli! Yes...we had some pretty bad storms here a few days ago...and they always come form the Chicago area. I'm glad she's ok. :o)

helmswondermom said...

I'm glad your mom is okay, and the damage wasn't any worse to the house.