Thursday, October 19, 2006

wat to early

Yes I am so spoiled! I had to get up early today so that I could take Ryan to school. I actually got out of the bed at the crack of 7:30!

Today is going to be a good day. I am telling myself that because so far all I have done is answer my cell phone! I do not have anything special to do today, But I do have the usual stuff to do.

So Rusty says to me yesterday " my heart pills are in the right hand pocket of my jeans" I said "o.k. do you need one?" "he said no I just want you to know because I took one this morning"

Well that is information that I needed when it happened! I swear he is just so casual about it. He was like....pass the mashed the mashed potatoes and oh I had to take my heart pills" GUYS!

The good news is Rusty goes back to the doctor next week and then has a stress test at the end of the month.

Amber is going to homecoming this year. I don't think she has date but that is o.k. I just hope she has a good time.

Nikki has a vollyball tournment today. How this child can just push herself and not have to many problems with her asthma is beyond me.

I am just proud of all of my children.

O.K. enough about nothing. I need to get busy.


nelishianatl said...

His casualness is a bit scary because it makes you wonder if he'd tell you if he was in serious trouble until it's a bit too late.  Guys just wanna tough it out.  Mu Dirk has a Dr.s appointment Tuesday.  Wish us luck.

helmswondermom said...

I'm having one of those "do nothing" days today.