Wednesday, October 4, 2006

spots and ed

Well it is officail, the spots on my legs are eczema! My had eczema and so did my grandmother. My mom said they use to did people in tar to get rid of the spots. I do not think so. There are so creams and even so meds that I can take, but I will not use anything unless they get really bad. I just don't like putting stuff in or on my body unless I have to.

As for Viarga. Yes, blood preasure meds cause e.d. however if the we used something like viagra that would raise his blood preasure, and people with a heart condition have been warned not to take it.

Do not get me wrong. Sex is a very important of our relationship, and yes I talk about it a lot. But I would rather do without sex and have my husband.

No, I do not make any of my graphics. I so do not know how to do that.

So check this out. I sold that industerial sewing machine. I got it for free, and I sold it for $200! I told my husband that I wanted to keep my eyes open for some more free stuff that we can turn around and sell. Then last night he came home with a guys name and number who has some stuff that he just wants gone! So we are going to go get it, and sell it. I am going to put all of that money twords Christmas! Yes I am a cheap person. LOL

I did get some cleaning done last night and Amber pitched in and cleaned the living room for me.

I need to get moving. I will chat with everyone later. My spell check is not working again, so excuse the spelling.


gehi6 said...

I have been reading down through your journal and get a kick out of your humorous approach to life.  I have known several veterens extremely affected by their service in the middle east, with strange health problems developing. Sorry that your husband Rusty has had trouble as young as he is.  

amyrangei said...

I have some of my stuff from my house stored in the backroom of my parent's house and my father has been giving it away slowly.  I pulled up to their house and saw my beautiful black refrigerator out in their driveway, luckily he's just "lending" it to the people at his office, I hope I get it back when I get my house!


michelleartworx said...

Hi noonmom, what have you done?Now man is suggesting that I get free stuff and sell it. Says it would help bank account at the moment and for christmas, He's dead impressed with you!

bethjunebug said...

Thanks for comin by to visit my journal, and leave the nice comments and prayers. Yes I was following your journal through you dad's illiness. So, sad when these things happen. But we can truelly be glad when they no longer suffer and know we will see them again.
God Bless, Liz

helmswondermom said...

Great job on selling that for $200.00.  We've found a few good deals like that too -- free or almost free -- and sold them for a profit.