Sunday, October 22, 2006

enough is enough?

So a few years ago our washer broke. At that exact moment we could not afford a new washer. I found someone giving away a stackable washer and dryer. It was not what I wanted, but it was free and it was washing my clothes.

A month later we got a new duet washer. I gave the stackable to our neighbor because her washer broke.

On Monday they asked us if the could do a load of laundry because that washer broke. O.K. I let them do a load of laundry. Then today they came back and asked again if they could do their laundry. I grit my teeth and said yes, but rusty said this would be their last load.

Rusty does have a point. We are using our soap, water, and electricity and over a year ago we gave them a washer. They really need to find a washer.

Do we sound mean? I am just sick of giving them hand outs.



rtgilmore34 said...

No, you are NOT being mean.  You are being taken advantage of.  Third time's the charm.  If they ask you one more time, you need to tell them where the nearest laundromat is and that you'll drop them off on your way out to the store later.  Because that will set it in concrete.

cgtperkins said...

You are anything but mean!! I think you are a very generous person!!

beckerb6 said...

YOu are not being mean. Sometime you have to tell people no or they will just keep on asking for more until you do.

zoepaul6968 said...

Whatever happened to hand washing,god i had to do that for years,washing clothes in my bath then wringing them out,hanging them on the line in winter and bringing them in stiff as a board,oh those were the days,lol,tell your neighbours to bring a bucket of water,a pack of soap powder and $30.00 for electric,they wont bother you again,sorry ive not been about hun,ive been spending today catching up,the picture of the coffins with the American flags on made me cry,it must worry you so much when your phone rings,youre just as brave as Rusty,take care xxzoexx

helmswondermom said...

There are surely laundromats nearby?  Or they could at least offer to pay you so much per load if it was an emergancy or a one-time thing.