Sunday, November 26, 2006

do we have to have Christmas?

I am finally done decorating for Christmas. I usually have a fun doing it, but this year I just wanted to get it done.

I started going through the boxes and I found a bunch of stuff from Rusty's mom. ( she died right before Christmas last year) Last year we just boxed up all of her Christmas stuff with our stuff. We thought oh we will just deal with it next year. Now it is next year and neither one of us wants to deal with it. So we just put it back in the box.

This will be the first year that I will not be able to call my dad on Christmas day. I thought about my dad a lot today. My dad would always take baby Jesus from the manger scenes because he said that Jesus was not born yet. I collect manger scenes, so I am up to about 20 scenes, and I do leave Jesus in the manger!

Anyway, once again Tony did the same thing to my bowl. I said nothing. If he would like to act like a child then I will be happy to treat him like one. I am going to have to hide my mixer, so that he can not use it. I will however find my oldest bowl, and then I will dig out my hand mixer and place them where the other items were. I have learned that sometimes it is just easier to say nothing, but to speak very loudly by my actions.

I have to go to work tomorrow. My back is so sore and yesterday I pulled a calf muscle. I hurt and I am cold, and I do not want to go to work. Pout Pout Pout


mrsm711 said...

I like how you explained "Well deal with it next year and now it' next year.  So true.   Tony and that  darn bowl.  What doesn't he get?  LOL  I snagged the reindeer.     :)     Tracy

rtgilmore34 said...

What did Tony do with Your bowl?  Did I miss something?  I hate Christmas and I don't want to have it either.  I feel obligated to buy shit for a bunch of ungrateful f*cks up here that will only buy my boys and I dollar store shit in return, and they will regift my shit out to somebody else, like the same 4 people do every year.  I'm not against the dollar tree, I shop there, however, it is ghetto to buy your gifts there!!!  Wal-Mart has cheap shit way nicer you can buy.  I want Christmas to slip by unnoticed this year.  When and why is it so commercial?  Will my friends and relatives be okay with us just exchanging cards?  That would SO work for me.  Or, I could hide at my parents place for the holidays!  They are Jehovah's Witnesses and that ROCKS!!!!!
Love ya,

cgtperkins said...

Headin back to work myself......pout pout pout here as well!!! Have a good week!

memes121 said...

A new journal is here!
It is my gift to J-land.
Come and celebrate with me and spread the word! Also my friend Krissy has one too! Put hers on alert! Let's all have a Merry Christmas! Tammy

nelishianatl said...

Fight back.  It's a shame you have to fight in  your own house for your own stuff.  So sorry.  I like to think I treat other people's stuff with great care and remember to be thankful that they trusted me enough to let me use it.  Not only that, I say 'thank you'.  Imagine that!  Even ask permission before I use somebody else's stuff.  I think they call it respect and boundaries too.