Tuesday, November 14, 2006

judging people

before I started this job, I thought that day labors were lazy people. Boy was I wrong!

Since I have started this job I have some very nice and interesting people. I always tell my children to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, I guess I should have taken my own advice.

Today I met a truck driver from the Dominican Republic. When I asked him where he was from he would not tell me at first. He kept saying I am from America. He told me that he came to this country when he was 18 and then became a citizen. He loves this country.

Some people I met last week have become friends. Rusty and I will be going over to their place on Sunday to help them out with some stuff.

I guess I really needed to get out of my comfort zone and get a new perspective on life.

This country is filled with hard working people just trying to get by. This country is such a melting pot. I am so glad that I got out of my comfort zone and got to meet these people.

I have heard that when you meet someone, they will leave a mark on you. I hope that the people have met have liked me as much as I have liked them.

On to another subject. Rusty has been so awesome since I have been working! He is really pitching in and helping to keep the house up. Rusty is doing the cleaning and the cooking!

I love Rusty so much, and we make a good team.

For the past few days our house has smelled like crap. So when I got home today every fan was on and blowing! I moped the floors and then went back over them with a Lysol, and rusty ran the vacuum. We were determined to get that nasty smell out of the house. I think we finally have that smell out for good.

I am off to get some sleep. I have been reading, but I am sorry that I have not commented.



jeadie05 said...

I gree we should consider what sort of life others have lived before we judge them ,great Randy is helping with the chores ..love Jan x

seraphoflove9001 said...

Yep...I agree. There are too many people that live off of "mommy and daddy" and don't work, and thats what they need to do. An awakening!

gehi6 said...

I, too, found out that jobs can take you to worlds you have never been and interesting people.  I will never forget my job at a cosmetics factory.  
First I was fascinated with how cosmetics were manufactured and packaged.  I worked mostly in the packaging end, but did a lot of other fascinating jobs I will never forget.  My attempt to work the fast lines in the 'powder' room were hilarious.  I eventually got booted out of there so I learned to respect the ladies with the real fast hands.  Mine were just moderately fast!   Gerry

cgtperkins said...

WOW Rusty is really pitching in huh?? Glad things are going well for you.

nelishianatl said...

It is very true that when the situations we once judged is put in our life how quicktly we realize that our perspective might have been just a bit shallow but your big heart embraced the new truth and the people who live this on a daily basis.  I am glad that people with hearts still exist and I'm glad to call you friend.  You would be so fun to work with!  I'm glad Rusty is really pitching in.  Proud of him too!