Monday, November 20, 2006

done cleaning

Well it is noon and we are done cleaning! We let the girls sleep until 9 and then everyone got their task hand to them.

I help Ryan clean his room. That room was a mess. He is good about keeping his toys picked up and making sure that this clothes are put away. But I went through his toys and pulled out all the broken ones and the ones that he does not play with.

The girls both cleaned their rooms and pulled out all of their laundry. I could not believe how much crap came out of their rooms!

Then I moved on to the two hall closets. I swear to you that I do not know how we got so much crap.

Final count was three BIG trash bags of garbage and two BIG bags of stuff to sell.

After the first of the year I am going to have a yard sale, and I will put that money twords the childrens mission trip.

I am going to go lay down.

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cgtperkins said...

Ok, let me know when to expect the girls to clean my house. And yes, I will be glad to show them around....LOL