Sunday, November 19, 2006

old fashion field day

My husband often tells this story:

"while growing up my mom got every Sunday off. my father, brother, and I would stay home and scrub the house from top to bottom. We had to move furniture, scrub toilets, do all the laundry. One day I told my father that I was not cleaning anymore, and I threw a rag at him and made a b line for the door. I woke up on the floor with my father standing over me. I went back to cleaning."

Tomorrow is field day at our house. We are going to go out later on and buy a ton of cleaning stuff, and the children and Rusty will be cleaning. I am so happy that I will be at work! It will be nice to come home to a clean house!

I have had some items for sale for a while and today I have a gentlemen coming over to look at one of the items. I hope he buys it! That will be $400 in my pocket for Christmas.

I cannot believe that thanks giving is almost here! I am so happy. I will have some friends coming in from the high dessert and then some other friends coming over for what may be their last visit before they move.

This year I am so thankful that we will have a house full of friends. We will have good friends and good food. Do I need anything else?

Tonight I am going to make homemade chicken and rice soup. Martha would be so proud of me. Yesterday I boiled down so chicken and I will be able to get three meals out of it! I love making my life easier.

I am going to go get our room cleaned up. I hope everyone has a great day!


cgtperkins said...

Um..........could you please send them this way when they are through there??

lifes2odd said...

LOL!! I am proud. The "other Martha" would be too!
Love the cleaning graphic and so happy to hear someone besides you will be doing some cleaning around there!
Enjoy your easier life!
Martha :-)

mrsm711 said...

Nothing better than a clean home.  I am a clean-a-holic.  Im a SAHM so it feels like Im always picking up after someone.  The soup sounds delish.  :)     Tracy