Wednesday, November 22, 2006

a few things

I love my cats! I have these two black ones and a long haired grey one. Anyway the black ones looked like one big blob last night! My children said that I am turning into the crazy cat lady, and soon children will run past our house! LOL

Well I am doing nothing for Thanksgiving this year. We are going out to eat and then coming back here. We will most likely put a fire in the fire pit and make some smores.

Today I am going to go to Walgreens and mess around with their picture maker. I really need to get some Christmas borders put around a few pictures and then I need to have some wallet size pictures made to put in Christmas cards. I also need to get two packages in the mail since they are going to the middle east.

Both of the girls spent the night at friends houses so I had a nice evening of not listening to them complain because they are bored!

I have started collecting items to sell at a yard sale after Christmas. I am going to take all of the money from the sale and put it towords the girls mission trip. My friend Lisa said that a few years ago she went around to a bunch of yard sales and asked people for their left overs. Then she sold everyone else's stuff and made money for one of her sons trips. So I am going to start asking people for their stuff.

I hope everyone has a good day.



cgtperkins said...

Great idea to raise money for their mission trip. When and where is it??

mrsm711 said...

We are going out for Thanksgiving too.  Then to a movie and then home by the fire.  It will be nice.  Good luck on your garage sale.  Man, people sure make alot of cash in a couple of days.  (and all while having fun) No job pays that!  :)     Tracy