Wednesday, November 29, 2006

only in California


Only in California can I got to work and freeze my butt off, and still see other people walking around in just a t shirt!

Only in California can I go to work and hold a slow sign for a dog, a cop care, and a golf cart, and get paid for it!

Only in California can I be going home from work and see high speed chase!

Next Friday Amber is suppose to bring a parent to school. No she is not in trouble it is just something her school is doing. So we are trying to decide how to handle this.

1. Put Rusty in a wheel chair and cover him with a blanket? Amber will get to leave every class early so that she can wheel her dad around.

2. Have rusty and one of his friends go and just explain to everyone that no one is for curtain who the father is.

3. Find a big black man that can act. This way he can tell everyone that he is Ambers dad! Like I said he must be able to act.

Amber is hoping that we find the black man, she thinks that would be funny!

Anyway 4 a.m. comes early, so I am off to bed. Like I said before no offense if I do not comment, I am just trying to get by right now.


mrsm711 said...

No matter what you say, you are still a California Girl!  I wanna be a California Girl.  (A Florida Girl)  I can handle a  little chill:)  You should see what we are living in right now. wouldn't want to see it or feel it!   Brrr.  :)     Tracy

cgtperkins said...

That would be sooo funny to do something like that at Ambers school. Have a good day at work tomorrow.

nelishianatl said...

That would be hilariously fun.  If only you weren't in CA. cause I know some very handsome black professional actors out here in the East.
Keep us informed what happens.  Sounds like a good time.