Friday, November 3, 2006

Lets do some math

     I will not hear back from the D.A. office until Monday. I am not out for blood, I just want the money that the courts said he should pay. We are not even talking about a lot of money. I am only ordered $300 a month for two children!

Let's see $300 divided by 2 is $150 a month for each of them. $150 divided by 4 is $42 and some change a week! We are not talking about a lot of money here!

Nikki is having two friends come over after school. Both of the girls are sisters and their dad just walked out on them the other day. Nikki said that she has no idea what to say to them. I told her then don't say anything, just be their friend. Sometimes being a friend says more then words.

I need to run to the store and get some food for the critters. I don't think they would like going hungry. Then the rest of the day is mine!

Did anyone see oprah yesterday? It was so interesting, and the show that she talked about is going to be on the discovery health channel tonight. I really want to see the whole show. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Here is another great link. This is for a program that lets you help support our troops. I go to this page every year and I send out service members Christmas cards. Sometimes I get a letter back and sometimes I don't, but I really like doing it.

I need to get busy.


seraphoflove9001 said...

I watch the discovery channel all the time. :o) I couldn't get the page to come up...but I can try and look it up on the tv. :o) I sure hope that you can be able to get the support thats is needed for the children. :o)

lifes2odd said...

Happy weekend! Just catching up on your entries for this week. That was so nice that you made and sent those scarves. Oh and happy anniversary a bit late! Hope you have a great weekend! Martha :-)

cgtperkins said...

Kelli, thanks for posting the web site for the soldiers. I have gotten a few addresses requested and I am going to put a box at my office for donations. Then send a few care packages! Thanks for the great idea!!!