Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I got the pictures made and all of the packages mailed! I still have one package going to Alaska, but at least the middle east packages are gone!

I guess I should clear something up from my entry about our family secret. My sister has no idea who her dad is. I KNOW who my dad is.

Any way tonight is soup and sandwich night. This way we can use up the left overs in the fridge.

Yesterday a friend stopped by and had a big surprise for me. She gave me one of those dolls that looks like is is in time out and pouting. This one is dressed all in cammies. I so love it! I really needed a suprise yesterday. My back hurt so much that I had to take a pain pill and use the heating pad!

I am going to go do nothing for the rest of the night.



nelishianatl said...

Kelly;  Made me really happy to see you'd dropped by for my Thanksgiving entries and I just wanted to let you know that I wish you a happy Thanksgiving too and to tell you again, as always, thanks for stopping by.  

lifes2odd said...

Hope you are enjoying your veggin time! Sounds like you are ahead of the holiday game! Have a great Thanksgiving! Martha :-)

mrsm711 said...

I love those dolls.  So cute.  Happy Thanksgiving!  :)     Tracy

cgtperkins said...

Those dolls are sooo cute. My mom has one and my daughter always thought it was so funny that the doll was in time out and not her!!