Sunday, November 5, 2006

who knew?

 So, everyone went to see the air craft and then Nikkis boyfriend came back to the house and had dinner with us. After dinner he helped clean up the kitchen and then I took him home.

On the way home Nikki said that her boyfriend did not think that Nikki was going to go look at air craft. He thought that he was going to go hang out with Rusty. It turns out that this kid's dad does nothing with him. So he was hoping to have some "dad" time.

Rusty was just floored by that. Rusty said that he will try to spend some time with the young man.

The girls were talking about eating plantains. So I went and bought some and the girls told me how to cook them. ( They ate them on their trip this summer) Then Nikki's boyfriend says these are good. My grandma use to make these and she would serve them with a side of sour cream. Then I got a lesson on how to pick a ripe Plantain.

If you have never had a plantain you should try them. I just sliced them and pan fry ed them to a golden brown. They taste like a potato!

Who knew?


cgtperkins said...

Hmm those actually look pretty good! How sad that the boys dad doesnt take any time with him. That is really really nice of Rusty to try and take some time with him!

rtgilmore34 said...

Is it that his Dad works really hard that he doesn't spend any time with him?  My dad was like that.  A wonderful, providing father.  In good times AND bad, he took good care of us, but he was never ABLE to do anything with us, not that he didn't want to.  Give the kid's dad the benefit of the doubt, he may not be a shitty bastard of a father.  

helmswondermom said...

They look delicious.  I've always wanted to try them.  Do you do anything to them before you fry them?  What kind of oil do you use?  I think that's great that Rusty will plan to do something with Nikki's boyfriend and that he actually wants to spend some time with Rusty.

jeadie05 said...

What a complement to Rusty that the boyfriend wanted some Dad time ,.,The plantains look like bananas lol Jan xx

lifes2odd said...

I wish I could get my husband to be like that with my daughter's boyfriend, the kid could really use some "dad" time too :-(
I've had Plantains but have never cooked them myself. They sure look yummy!

nelishianatl said...

My son is calling my boyfriend and needing some DAD time too.  But he's too prideful to call it that.  lol  I'm so blessed that DIRK stops everything to give it to him.  I love PLANTAINS.  I just haven't met anybody else who did though.  DELICIOUS and they are so good for me.  YOU TOO!