Friday, November 17, 2006

today has sucked

I got up at 4 a.m., and got to the office a little before 5:30. The I found out that there was no work for the day. O.K. I just wasted about 4 hours of my day.

On the way home I stopped by this Christmas tree lot that had a help wanted poster. I got the number and went home. When I got home I called this guy. He told me flat out that he does no hire women because the work is to hard for women. Really? well I have unload semi's by hand for the last two weeks, so how hard can Christmas tree's be? Oh well he is a jerk and I hope that his lot burns down.

on a good note, I was not feeling real good, so I did get a nap in.

I got on the Internet and was looking at craigslist. There is some lady on there bitching because she was injured in Iraq and might not be able to give her children a Christmas. I posted on there that she needed to stop her bitching and just deal with. I told her our story and suggest that in stead of looking for a hand out, she should go do whatever it takes. They removed my post! I am wrong for speaking the truth?

Then I got a call from the office that the job I was waiting on had come in. So I swung by and picked up my Alaska buddy. When we got to the office we found out that the job fell through because the fire inspector failed the building. I wonder if the company I worked for the other day wired that place? Back home I came.

When I got home there was a box from my mom. I grabbed a knife and opened it. As soon as I opened it I saw my dads memorial book. It was then that it hit me. My dad is dead. I sat down and had a good cry. My mom also sent me out my dads watch. I put it on and it is so big on me and it needs to be wind. I won't let rest adjust it or reset the time.

My dad wore the watch until the day he died. He would try to move the watch around and it would leave bruises on his arm, but he would not let us take it off.

Maybe if I just go to bed my day could not get any worse.


mrsm711 said...

Hi Kelli, It sounds like you had a long, un-organized day.  Things will get better. (They can't get any worse)  Tomorrow is a new day.  Have a good one and let us know how it turns out.  :)

cgtperkins said...

Oh Kell, I know it was hard to go through that box from your mom. Maybe a good cry is just what you needed. Hope things are ok.

gehi6 said...

Hello, Kelli, thought I would come see how you are doing.  Sounds like you are finding work.  My life was full of different jobs at one time.  I would get exhausted and have to quit a while and when I got feeling better and rested I would go find another one.  I got no child support to speak of, so we had some slim times, but we survived!  Gerry