Friday, February 3, 2006

hello sun!


Well here it is sunny southern California. Finally the weather man has brought me some worm weather.

87 degrees here!!!!!! Lets see.... I think I am going to go wash the other car, and maybe join Rascle for a nap in the sun.

I LOVE warm weather


goodwilltramp said...

That's wonderful Kelli.  Would you like to know the weather in Alaska right now?

brattandputz said...

yeah we are staying in the states.. I am kinda sad about it I was looking forward to going over seas. One of the guys that matt has become friends with here is in the Navy and he is headed out to Italy nice huh.. Tell Rusty that Matt found out that his Favorite person in the is now the H&S Bn MCB Camp Lejune CO. Adelea ( grandma ). Matt should be up for SSGT this year we are crossing our fingers on that one, and Matt was thinking of asking Rusty to come out to the ceremony if he can. I am sure Adelea would love to see him. Maybe you and Rusty can make it a vacation and come and spend some time out there with us, James and his Girlfriend Liz are going to come up since it is not that far and he can drive the distance. Then all of us can get together and have a mini reunion.

Love to you all
Jenn and Matt