Monday, February 20, 2006

so much going on

 I just got in from work and I have decided to chill for a while and write in my journal.

Rox got adopted today! I am so happy for him. Rox went to a single women who will be with him 24/7! She can take him to work with her! We chatted on the phone for a while and then she drove from San Diego to Lake Elsinore and just fell in love with Rox. It feels really good to have helped this dog. I guess I have made a small difference in the big world. That was also one of the things I wanted to do this year.... you know be nicer to everyone and to help people. Ok I just realized that Rox is a dog and not a human, but hey......

Rusty came home the other night and he was just so upset. So he pulled up a bar stool and said " you are not going to believe this". I was like o.k. what. I could see that this was so up setting him. He said " I was walking out to the truck and I noticed this guy in a wheel chair having trouble getting his groceries in is car. So I went went and put our in the truck and went back to help him. When I asked the man if I could help him, he turned around and pressed this button and said that he would like the help." Rusty then said" I noticed his dav sticker and then thanked him for his service to his country. the guy said that he was shot in the neck in Korea and has lived like that forever." Rusty said that it just hit him like a ton of bricks.

I am just happy to hear that Rusty did a random act of kindness. That is so out of Rusty's element.

I have started sewing this "rag quilt" All of the seams show on this quilt. so I feel like I am sewing a mistake, but it is turning out really cute.

Lets see.... what else has been going on? I am thinking about going out and working some of the petitions just so we can have some extra money for the mission trip. I know everyone is sick of hearing about me working for this trip, but I just don't want to take the money out of savings.

Well, I need to get my but in bed and get some sleep.

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