Thursday, February 2, 2006

I am not happy

   I want to know how my counter got reset! LOL According to the counter m journal has been read only six times?! I THINK NOT


rtgilmore34 said...

From my side, I've never seen the counter in your journal.  But that sucks that it got reset.  WTF?

rtgilmore34 said...

Well, how retarded am I?  Don't answer that!  I scrolled a little to the right, and there was your counter!!  hahahaha!!  11 times now.  Whatever, I know I've been here at least 100 times!  How weird.

brattandputz said...

Hey Kelli

Guess where Matt and I are going after school here in NY. We are going to go to Camp Lejune.. Nice huh. Oh well You go where the Corps needs you..  Thats about it from here. There is nothing interesting going on here, but I guess that is better than something going on that is not good....