Monday, February 6, 2006

no controll

I know all about my space accounts and what people do with that information! I saw that dateline thing too! How gross!

If you do not have children in the school system let me give you a heads up. If you do not sign the paper so that your children can get on the Internet ( at school) then your child's grade will go down. The school system says it is so they can do research and the school system says that they have a filter for the Internet.

With that said. Let me tell you that the schools may have a filter but it is not a very good one. Ambers high school has totally gotten rid of Internet service, but most of the school systems here still have it.

As a parent we can bitch, complain, and even check out what they are doing on the Internet. However by the time we do this it is to late. The teachers do not monitor the children.

Our children are still not allowed on the Internet unless we watch them. We have even put a lock on the computer so that you can not access the desk top!

As a parent I am doing my part, but the school system does nothing to keep children safe.

Just a heads up. This is not an ass chewing! LOL These are just the facts.

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