Saturday, February 18, 2006

lazy day

Well winter has finally come to souther cali. and I hate it! I was so cold last night night that I felt it in my bones. So today I did not even get dressed! Who wants to go out in the cold?

I did however get two skirts sewn and I finished a baby blanket. That is all I have done today. I know that is sad! LOL

We took a big pickle jar and put a sign on it that says mission trip fund. All of the money that the girls raise from their fund raisers will go in the jar. I am also going to give up getting my nails done for a while, so that I can put an extra $40 a month in the jar. Then tonight one of my friend stopped by and she dumped all of her change in the jar. Every little bit helps.

So I would like to know what would people pay to see a picture of the girls picking up trash? One of the fund raisers that the youth group is doing is picking up trash! They are going to go into the community and find a really bad place and clean the area up. They are suppose to get sponsors that will pay them so much for every bag of trash that they collect. I think that I can make more money by selling pictures!

I called my mom yesterday to ask her if she would donate a flat $50 to sponsor the girls, and she told me no. What the fuck? You can raise my niece, but not help the girls? Life is not fair and I know that, so I will find a way to get the extra cash with out her!

I think I am going to get into the shower and head off to bed. It is just to cold here.

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