Wednesday, February 15, 2006

just cleaning



Well, I am sure that no one wants to hear about my cleaning! LOL

I have just been so busy the last few day's that everything has gotten away from me. So today is catch up day.

We could not find the Aztec place last night. So we tried this new pizza joint and brewery. It was good, but nothing that I would make a trip out of my for.

Rust bought me 6 long stem white roses and 6 chocolate covered strawberries. The are so good!

I got another marine corps thing and a satellite radio for his truck.

I will chat with everyone later.

OH Elle, Rusty wants to know if you would like him to go to Alaska and kick Jim's ass?

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goodwilltramp said...

It's actually James this time Kelli, and tell him Thanks anyhow, but I can handle this one.   This is a big learning experience...   it's sad though, huh?