Monday, February 27, 2006

its raining!

Three cheers for rain! We so need the rain and it will really help set our sod in. I am so glad that we got the furniture sealed before the rain came!

Our dog Rascle will not go out in the rain. I am telling you that she can hold it forever! Our foster dog, Butter, likes to go out and play ball in the rain! Well I was not about to go out there and play in the rain with him.

Work went o.k. last night. My boss was stressed out for some reason, so I just avoided him. One of the things I do at work is called voter cards to make sure that there is no voter fraud going on. So last night I called this card and finally what I thought was voice mail picked up. It was actuall the number for the department of homeland security! Well I am glad that my number did not come up on their caller i.d.!

Tonight is going to be a lazy night. I am going to sit in bed and watch some t.v. with the children.

I hope everyone has a dry night!

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