Tuesday, February 21, 2006

not much going on

I just can't believe how uneventful the last few day's have been.

I got a phone call tonight from a lady who wants me to foster another dog. This dogs name is butter, and that is really all I know about him. The lady also offered me $200 to do this! Heck I was going to do it for free but if you are going to give me money then I will take it.

Kevin called me the other day. He sounds like he is in a much better mood. Rusty said that is because he is finally in a routine and because he now has a rack to sleep on. Well, Kevin will be gone for another 11 months.

This gal Julie that I have known for almost 6 years, is on her way off my friend list. For the last few months all she has done is bitch. O.K. we all bitch, but she is bitching about shit that she can control, but chooses not to control. So I am just sick of listening to her pity parties. She needs to take her cloud of gloom and doom out of my sunshine!

I am going to go do nothing for the rest of the night.

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