Tuesday, February 7, 2006



Rusty does not call me his hippy chick for no reason. One reason is that I fully believe in Karma.

Today I finally got to talk to Jennifer. The one who use to be Iraq. Anyway, we  chatted for a few and then she told me that her mother died of a heart attack, and to top it off there was no money for a funeral. This is starting to sound like my life. Then Jennifer tells me that her mother use to work in a restaurant and that all of her old customers have started donating money, so now she is fine.

I told Jennifer our story and that if was not for the government paying for almost everything I don't know if we could have paid for two funerals. I also told Jennifer to lean on me since my shoulders are big and I know what she is going through.

I went to San Juan today to meet our new foster dog. Rusty and I named him Rox. I will take his picture tomorrow after I give him a bath. But man this poor dog is so thin. You can see his hip bones, and his ribs. Poor little guy.

On the way back from San Juan I am taking this little two lane hwy. home. When boom from nowhere rocks started to fall. We made it through the rocks, but the back tire went flat. I finally found a place to pull off, but I could not get a signal to call ANYONE. It was starting to get dark and I was so scared. I got out the spare and the jack, but I could not find the thing to take the lug nuts off. Then out of the blue this delivery truck stop's. The guys name was Terry and he was so nice! I asked him what he delivered and he said that he was delivering a load of lug nuts! LOL I asked him why he stopped and he said because if I was his wife he would hope that someone would have helped her.

I guess all the times that I have stopped and helped people out has come back to me.

Rusty said that we will have to get a new rim as well as a new tire, but I made it home and that is all he is concerned about.

I am going to go take a nice long bath and wash off the stress of the day!

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rtgilmore34 said...

Isn't San Juan in Puerto Rico?
---LOL, Renee