Friday, February 10, 2006

up and moving

Well good morning everyone. I can't believe I am up so early after being up late last night! But here I sit.

I go a lot of work done on the back yard yesterday. We will need to make a dump run and finish moving a few things and then we just have to sit and wait on the lawn to be laid down.

I am not sure why I worked out yesterday since working in the back yard seemed to give me a better work out!

Our foster pup,Rox, is doing so well. I have finally figured out what works for him, so he is settling down nicely. I can't wait for him to get a permanent family, because he is such an awesome dog.

There is this place up here that is now doing d.n.a. testing to see what type of illnesses a person is most likely to get. Such as do I have the d.n.a. marker for breast cancer? Anyway, Rusty and I both want to have this done. I mentioned that when the girls are older I would like for them to have it done as well. Rusty then says well what about Ryan. Here is how the conversation went.

Rusty: what about Ryan

Kelli: if you want to have his dna tested that's cool, but his dna will not be passed on.

Rusty: Are you sure of this?

Kelli: If he keeps going on the current path I think it will be a safe bet. Rusty Ryan is almost 11. He still cannot tie his shoes, button a shirt, and just today he could not find the bread box that was actually 2 feet away from him. Let's not forget that Ryan is way behind in school.

Rusty: You don't need to remind me, I know all about it.

I am so not sure what to say. We have both agreed on a lot concerning Ryan, But I don't think that Rusty wants to face reality. I think for now I am going to leave the subject alone. I do feel bad, because every man must dream of having a son, and one that will grow up and have a life and family. This must be so hard on Rusty.

Well, I should do something since I know that I will run out of steam sometime this afternoon.

I will talk to everyone later.


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