Friday, February 24, 2006

work sucked!

So, I go into work last night and I knew that we were going to be one person short, so I was ready to pick up her slack. However, when I get there I find out that speed freak Lisa is going to be very late. Great now I have to do her job too?

So I got caught up on my job and I went to start on Lisa's job when I discovered that my keyboard is gone! What the fuck? Who would take just a keyboard? Lisa would that is who. It seems the other night that her keyboard stopped working so she took mine! Well maybe if she would stop spilling coffee all over her keyboard it would work!

So I said screw it and left everything for Lisa to do when she finally got there.

Then the other office girl... who also is a speed freak and has no brain left.....tells me that it is our bosses birthday. So I suggest that we do something for him on Sunday when we have a little bit more time. Oh no that would be to easy. These gals stopped working to go get a cake, some ice cream, and two big jugs of punch. What the fuck? we are in the middle of a booming petition season, and we are backed up!

Anyway, about 1 a.m. I cleaned up my work space, took out the trash and wiped everything down. I left a huge mess for the other people to clean up. Can you believe that these crack heads bought ice cream and we do not even have a freezer! There was melted ice cream everywhere, cake on the floor and dirty dishes everywhere. I just walked away.

I have to remember that as soon as this petition season is over I am so out of there. The only reason I am still there is because my boss let me come back to work when I really needed the money and when he really did not the work for me. I can't wait to just walk away and I will never look back.

Amber had her first swim practice today. Amber came home just starving and ready to eat the tile off the floor! I am hoping that between dance and swimming that she will not have the time or the energy to get into trouble.

I think I am going to go have a bowl of cereal and then watch t.v. the rest of the night!

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goodwilltramp said...

Cereal and tv...great minds think alike. Just replace the creal with some jack  and we'd be twins...