Thursday, December 8, 2005

another busy day

Yesterday was crazy and it looks like today is going to be just as bad.

The other day I went against what I said about not taking Ryan anywhere. Nikki had asked me to make a quilt for someone, so I was just going to run to wal mart. While we were there Ryan told the lady that was cutting the material that "My dad takes me to casinos". I was so floored! Rusty was just as shocked.

So yesterday I had a lot of stuff to do and so did Rusty, but Rusty took Ryan with him. No shock to me Ryan was perfect for Rusty. Oh well.

I have to work tonight. But before I can go to work I have to go get a few more signitures, so that I can do a turn in. Well crap, I just called the hot line and the petition that I have been working on is ending! This sucks! I was really hoping to be able to make some more money before Christmas. I guess not.

So I guess I am going to go hit it hard today and make as much as can before I have to go to work. anyway

Rusty got a call yesterday that the post had been raided and was being shut down. So he went down there to find out what was going on. It turns out that the A.T.F. (alchol, tabacco, and firearms) was there to raid the place. It turns out that the slot machines were illegal. Well duh! gambling is regulated in California! Anyway, the slots were taken and all of the books were gone over with a fine tooth comb.

I got a phone call from Nikki's school yesterday. It seem's that she has made honor roll again. I am so proud at how well Nikki has been doing.

I will chat with everyone later.

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