Saturday, December 31, 2005

so not a good day

 Well today was both good and bad. I got up this morning and I was feeling fine and I was ready to go get everything done. The for some reason my stomach started turning and I was laying on the bed in pain. A little bit of pepto and I was fine. I was fine until we got into the truck and Rusty hit the first bump. I don't know what is wrong, but man I hurt. And let me tell you that moving boxes did not help at all.

For once the weather man was right and it rained. On top of the rain it was windy that trucks were pulling over because they could not deal with the rain! It was an awesome day for moving! NOT.

Anyway we were able to sort through a lot of stuff, and everyone's piles are now marked. Then we were informed that one of Rusty's Aunts is being a royal pain. She is demanding to sleep in my mother in laws old room, and she is demanding to go through all of the stuff and take what is "hers". Well that pissed Rusty off.

We will have to make another trip up there on Tuesday to finish sorting, and hope that this Aunt does not go through everyone's else stuff. Oh the Joy's of family. I thank God that I am not the only one with a messed up family.

One good thing did happen and that was that I got to see a rainbow! I have not seen one of them in a long time.


So here some lessons that I have learned this year. I learned these lessons the hard way, and no they do not teach these lessons in school.

1. Miserable people are just; they are miserable and they want to pull you into under their rain cloud. The best way to deal with them is to smile and say something positive.

2. you can count your friend on one hand.

3. There is life after a heart attack.

4. Relatives come out of the wood work when they want something, but friend are there no matter what.

5. If you stand up for something that you believe in be prepared to be criticized by people who have never stood for anything.

6. Travel whenever you can

7. You are right where you should because of all of the choice you have made. Your life is no one else's fault.


I hope everyone has great new year. I know that we are looking forward to a much better year.

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