Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I do not understand

So...hmm how do I start? O.K. here it goes. Rusty is so different from me! Today I told him that he was definitely my ying!

Rusty can not understand why I want to finish pulling up the carpet in our sink area? Well maybe because I hate the carpet? The asked Rusty to go buy me some sealer for the cement. Well that went over like a ton of bricks!

Then I told Rusty that I wanted to go look for a new mirror for the hall way bathroom. After going to three stores and not finding anything close to what I was looking for he told me to get in the truck because we were going home.

Then I asked him to go buy some purple metallic paint so that I could finish painting the bird cage. Well you guessed the answer to that. NO!

I just don't understand why he does not seem to like me projects.? LOL

oh well what can I say, I am the one who adds spice to his life.

So my vacuum finally gave up today. I swear to you that I go thro more vacuums than any women I know. I must get a new vacuum every year. Anyway, Rusty comes home and I am using the shop vac. to clean the carpets. Once again he gave me the dear in the head lights look. Well what was I suppose to use? If he would let me get rid of all the carpet we would not have this issue.

I am going to spend the night sewing some simple quilts. We know a lady who said that he church could really use some baby blankets. Well I can sew that! I love doing nice things for other people. It really makes me feel good. I must say that 99% of the time I never see the end results of my kindness, but that is o.k.

Today I must say that I am so glad that Rusty and I are so different. I keep him wondering and he keeps me grounded? Well as much as he can.


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