Wednesday, December 14, 2005

doing o.k.


Yesterday went o.k. for us. We had to go make a few arrangements. There was no life insurance, so.... well we are making it.

The lady in charge of the will, Joy, is being a lot nicer to us. On Monday night she was not so nice, but now that she is finding out how hard her job, she is being a lot nicer.

It seems that Joy must pay to ship everything that was left to all the relatives. Well that is getting expensive and she is now wondering how she is going to do it all. Sounds like her problem.

Leslie left me her car. So Rusty and I are going to park it and then let Amber drive it when she is able to.

Anyway on Friday Rusty and I are going to start going through all of Leslie's stuff. We are thinking about getting a u haul and just storing everything until after Christmas.

On a brighter note. A friend brought us over a Christmas tree today. So it is starting to look like Christmas around here.

Someone came by today and got the presents for the military family that we adopted. Tonight we are going to go take Christmas to another family, and then I am going to start wrapping all of our gifts.

I found out yesterday that Kevin will not be spending Christmas with us. He has to take leave before he leaves for Iraq, so he is going to go home. I am going to miss him, however I totally understand.

well I need to get busy and get moving.

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rtgilmore34 said...

Hey, when you go through her stuff, let me know if you're going to sell any of her Saudi memorabilia.  I used to live over there too, so it would be kinda cool to have some mementos.  Chin up, cool that you got the car.  That lady shouldn't have to pay to ship all that stuff.  I would call all the people in the will and have them send the shipping costs up-front.