Thursday, December 22, 2005

not to much going on

Well we finally got the direct t.v. hooked up in our room. It is so nice to go there and escape! I just love sitting in there with my knitting!

I finished up all of my shopping today! I am finally done. The tree is packed and my parents gifts have not arrived yet.

While we were cleaning out some of my mother in law's stuff her friend gave me some socks. She said that my mother in law had bought them for me for Christmas. Well the other day I opened them up and they are so nice. Now I know that they are are just socks, but these socks are so comfy! I told Rusty that I am going to order some more of them. I checked out the web sight and the sights motto is " life is to short for matching socks!"

We have been debating about what to do with a lot of my mother in laws stuff. I think that I am going to have a yard sale with all of the little items and put the profit towards the girls trip. Then what ever is left I will take to the good will.

Last week I was talking with a friend, and she said that since they adopted a baby she not gotten anything new for herself. This is not a huge deal for her, but she said that she would like to go buy herself something pretty. So I sat down and knitted her a scarf. Today I took that and a necklace up to her work. She was so shocked. I whispered in her ear that mom's need pretty stuff too! She just laughed.

Well I am off to do some knitting!

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