Sunday, December 25, 2005

we made it

This little message is people who think that I should change or ask permission before doing shit that I want to. with that said...

Christmas was so awesome this year. We may have went a little over but hell there is only one Christmas 2005!

Ryan looks so cool in his marine outfit. Ryan said that the chicks will dig him because he is so handsome. Well... o.k. that is true.

Nikki has been lost her room most of the day. Between setting up the computer and loading all of the sim's she has not had much time for anything else. Some how she did find time to watch a video on her personal dvd player. Nikki was so shocked that we got her a new computer. Rusty and I talked about it, and she has worked really hard this year so she deserves it.

Amber got everything tinkerbell! I swear Amber really think that she is tinkerbell. Amber is so happy t she got a new stereo that has a remote. So now she can sit across the room and work the stereo without leaving the computer. I swear she is so lazy. Amber also got her lettermen coat. I am so proud of the way that Amber has turned her life around! I am so proud that she will be lettering in something.

Rusty had an awesome Christmas. He loved the bike that my parents bought him. I have video of Rusty opening his quilt. I thought he was going to cry. I am so glad that he loved the quilt. I sewed the quilt with a lot of love and let me tell you that it is so hard to sew for someone that is home 24/7! Rusty also got some videos, a new watch, and his nice sit down dinner.

I am so glad that Rusty had an awesome Christmas. Rusty has had a bad year, between his heart attacks and having to make the arrangements for his mother; he really needed something positive. I am just glad that my shoulders are big enough for him to lean on because no one else has really been there for him. oh sure friend have called or stopped by, but.....well I am just glad that Rusty can lean on me.

As for me. Lets see... I got a new dragon fly pin and some dragon fly earrings. Some new p.j.'s and some new quilting supplies. I finally got a copy of the sound of music! That is my all time favorite movie.

I am just so glad that my family had a great Christmas.

Rusty tried out his new bike today. He was able to ride about a 1/4 of a mile. I kept telling Rusty to take it slow, but he would not listen to me. I know that it is going to take Rusty time to work up to a full blow work out. I know that Rusty thinks he is just fine, but I still worry and I worry a lot.

So today some of our friends stopped by today. One of the asked me if I heard what our frien Linda did? I was like what are you talking about? It seems that Linda has given up her family and just walked away. She is living with some guy who lives up the mountains. I thought good for her! Linda played by all of the rules. Got married in white and could really wear white. Raised 3 boys, hell she even home schooled them. She tought quilting, and did what ever her husband asked. Even when her family shit on her she just stayed positive. I guess she had finally had enough. I give her credit for staying as long as she did. Who am I to judge?


rtgilmore34 said...

OMG Kelli!  I'm so glad Rusty had a moment of happiness.  He has been through so much these past couple of years since losing his dad.  Somewhere in all of this, his ex-wife died of brain cancer.  Then he spends all that time overseas defending our country while you and the kids were struggling, then he comes home, and within the next couple of years, he has 2 huge heart attacks, then loses his mother...
It's so sad that this man is an only child.  He is an only child, right?  Anyway, if my mother or father passed away, I'm comforted by the thought that my brother, my sister and I would be at each other's sides from beginning to end.  It's so sad that you are the only family he has left, besides his children, to comfort him through all his suffering.  
Rusty is an honorable man.  My heart goes out to both of you for handling so much.  
"Wish you may, wish you might, have a year of everything right."

----Love, Renee

rtgilmore34 said...

Linda?  The wonderful gal who used to do my nails??  OMG!!!  I have to hear about this!!