Sunday, December 18, 2005

good morning


Well, I am up bright and early. I have to pick Amber up from a sleep over, but I so want to be in a nice warm bed sleeping.

Well, I wrapped all of the gifts last night. I was worried that Ryan would not have as much as the girls did and it turns out that I was wrong. It was Amber who does not have enough to open! I try to give them the same number of gifts, but...... oh well

Kevin was so great yesterday. He took Nikki and Ryan out to see a movie. I was able to finish Rustys quilt, so now all I have to do is tie it off! I have put so much time into this quilt and I hope that he really likes it.

We have gone through all of my mothers in law Christmas stuff. So the rest we are going to let some other people go through and then we are going to give it to good will. I am just amazed at how much crap my mother in law had.

Oh well on to a better subject. I am getting really excited about Christmas. Today I am going to tie off Rusty's quilt and make some candy! I have not made candy in a few years so I figured that I would do it this year.

I must admit that I feel very over whelm this year. Our house is a mess and to top it all off we have my mother in laws stuff in our back room. I just feel like the walls are closing in on me. Well I should get off my butt and start cleaning. I will talk to everyone later.

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