Saturday, December 24, 2005

bad mommy

Well I am such a bad mommy that it is not funny....o.k. maybe it is a little funny.

Yesterday the girls were rough housing so much that I finally got sick of telling them to stop. So I finally said to myself well they will either stop or kill each other.

Then Rusty came home and joined in on the games. Rusty ended up chasing Amber down the hall and out the front door. So Rusty locked the door and walked away.

Amber stood there for like 10 minutes ringing the door bell and yelling before she realized that she could climb in the window.

So on her way in the window Nikki starts to close the window on Amber and causes her to fall on one of my light houses. So now Amber is laying on the floor screaming.

I just walked past her and went to get some wrapping paper. I yelled that is what you get for rough housing, and walked past her with wrapping paper under both arms.

About 10 minutes later Rusty comes into the bedroom and starts grabbing first aid stuff. It seems that When amber fell on the light house the sharp pointy part went into her leg and she was REALLY hurt. Amber was on the living room floor screaming and bleed ing all over the floor and I just walked away.

The hole in her leg would not require stitches however it bled forever and she is really sore today. ......I am such a bad mommy!

Well everything is ready for Santa to come tonight. I even have a lot of stuff done for tomorrow. The green beans are snapped, the pineapple is cut up, and the chocolate chip muffins for breakfast are done. Rusty is going to cut the ham up later and that will be one less thing that I will have to do on Christmas day.

As part of Rusty's Christmas gift this year I broke out his grandfathers china so that we can have "the formal dinner that Rusty has wanted". Let me tell you that is a pain in the ass! Dig through all of the china and find what we need. then we have to wash it all by hand. Lets not forget the water and wine goblets, and the cloth napkins. All in all I guess I can suck it up for one day to give Rusty something that he has never had. A true no shit sit down formal dinner.

Check out this song. Right now it is on my must listen list. The song is called if you dont want to love me.

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rtgilmore34 said...

You bad mommy!!!  LOL!  Merry Christmas, my friend.
---Love, Renee