Friday, December 30, 2005

up way to early

 I have no idea what is up with me! I actually went to bed before mid night. The first dream I had was where I was wrapping Christmas gift in the living room, and then someone broke in our home through our bedroom window. First of all we do not have a window in our bedroom and second of all Rusty would have pulled a gun on him. Anyway back to the dream. Then the guy told Ryan that if he told him where I was that he would not shoot him. That woke me aright up.

So I finally get back to sleep and I had another really bad dream. I don't remember what that dream was about, but I am up now.

So anyway, My big idea about cleaning the house was just that an idea. I started to run the vacuum, and then discovered that it finally gave up the ghost. So I had to go buy a new one. By the time I did finally get the house vacuumed Rusty came home with a shelving unit for the garage.

So it was off to the garage to start clearing a spot where the shelves were going to go. Well, once I got all of the stuff moved I needed to vacuum out there. One thing lead to another and I ended up cleaning the garage in stead of the house.

I had Rusty help me drag all of my material in the house. I started going through it last night and I need to finish sorting it all out. Once I am done with that I am going to put it on the shelves in the garage. We are going to need all the room we can find in the back room to put more boxes from my mother in laws place.

Well I am off to sort material and I am hoping to get in a good nap today. Sorry there is nothing more exciting to report.

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