Monday, December 12, 2005

good/bad day

Today started out real good. I took Rascle to the beauty shop and I even found her a new coat and a bone. I have not given her the bone yet since it is not Christmas. Yes for anyone who does not know Rascle is our dog.

Then I went to Ross and I found a perfect sweater for someone and then I even found a sweater for me and to my surprise I even found a pair of jeans that fit!

Then I hit the 99 cent store and bought some things. I then picked up rascle from the beauty shop and we came home.

What I have not told anyone is that we adopted two families this year for Christmas. Well tonight the girls and I were wrapping the presents for the one of the families. After all of that was done Rusty and I were going to go get our own Christmas tree and let the children decorate it.

The phone rang, so Rusty answered it. Then Rusty started screaming, and he threw the phone. I picked the phone up and found a nurse on the other end telling Rusty that his mom had just died.

We went up to the hospital and talked to the doctors. Rusty's mom went in for a regular surgery, and a blood clot broke loose and killed her. We were able to view the body. I have never really seen a dead person. I have been to funerals, but the bodies always look good.

Leslie was white and blue, her eyes were still open a little and her mouth was open. Rusty just knelt down next to her and closed her eyes and started to cry. What was I to do? I just leaned over him and hugged him.

What am I suppose to say? Both of my parents are still a live. Both of his are dead. Rusty did get a hold of his brother in England, but we don't think that he will be coming back here. So I guess Rusty is on his own. I will be there for him, but all of this is on Rusty now.

We have a copy of Leslies will so in the morning we will be heading up there to start taking care of everything. Our friend Ray is going to help us get the flag and to get the government to take care of all the final expenses.

I am worried about Rusty. Rusty just got his blood pressure medicine lowered and I hope that this does not put to much stress on him. The doctors say that his heart is strong, but I still don't want Rusty under any stress.

I have decided not to take any of the children to funeral. I feel that it would be to much for them and I don't want them to remember December as a bad month,but rather a time to celebrate. our friend Kevin said that he would come up at a moment's notice, so I am going to ask him to stay with the children on the day of the funeral.

Rusty did decided to donate all of Leslies organs. I was so happy to hear that. This way someone may have a chance at life.

Ray and one of his buddies are going to come up here and get all of the stuff that we had bought for this military family. I so wanted to have it all wrapped, and we were going to deliver all of the stuff on Saturday. Ray told me not worry about it. He said that he will buy all the wrapping paper and get all of his female marines together and they will wrap and deliver Christmas to the family for us.

The other family we are going to have to find the time. This family has NOTHING, not even bed's. So we had gone out and bought them some air mattress, and bedding. We bought the children some toys, we got them a tree and all of the trimmings. We even stuffed stockings for them! We really wanted to spread some holiday cheer this year.

My mom said that we still need to do that. I guess I just need to find the time.

I need to get some sleep. I know that I have a long week ahead of me. I need to find something to say to Rusty. All I keep saying is lean on me because my shoulders are strong.

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rtgilmore34 said...

OH MY GOD!!!!  LESLIE IS DEAD????  I had to go back and re-read your entry a couple of times because I was looking for the part where you said "I had a dream that Leslie died..."!!!  I didn't believe it was real at first.  She died of a broken heart.  Couldn't make it that long without Rick.  So sad.  My heart goes out to all of you...
---All my love, Renee