Thursday, December 15, 2005

lets see


I got up with the children this morning, so that Rusty could sleep in. So I got myself a cup of coffee and I have a little bit of time to write.

Last night we delivered Christmas to family. Now I had never met this family before I was just told that they had nothing. I talked to the mom on the phone several times and found out what the children would like for Christmas. This gal is a single mom of four who does not get wel fare because she wants to do everything for her children.

So I bought them some air mattress, blankets and some pillows. Then I got each of the children 2 gifts. Then when I asked the mom if they had a tree, she told me that they have nothing. So we got them a fake tree, so ornaments and some lights. I also got the mom a few gifts.

Well, last night when we went by the mom was still in L.A. at a job interview, so I knocked on the door and asked the children if they needed some holiday cheer. The children smiled and said yes. So I told them to come outside. It was there that they saw Rusty unloading the car. The smiles that we saw from the children was so priceless. They just knew that there would be no Christmas this year and........ Well it was just a good thing for us to do.

When the mom said that they had nothing she meant that they had nothing. There was no furniture in the living room. In the dining room there was a small t.v. sitting on a t.v. tray and that was it. I just cried once we got in the car to leave. We are so blessed.

Today I am going to spend a little bit of time cleaning up the house, but I really need to get some sewing done. Christmas is coming and I still have two blankets to finish.

Yesterday Rusty took the day off from dealing with everything. So today we need to get back to sorting out a few things, and trying to get a hold of a copy of her dd214. We have a lot left to do, and it is just so hard to handle everything right before Christmas.

I am off to get some stuff done.

Right now I am so Thankful that we have a furniture and that were able to bring some joy to another family.

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rtgilmore34 said...

You and Rusty just have the biggest hearts of anyone I know, Kelli.  You are always looking to help others in need.  The Lord has, and will bless you and yours.
Love ya,