Friday, December 30, 2005

a little time to chill

I think that I need to give up on setting goals of things that I would like to get done. LOL.

So Rusty and I had to take a load of stuff to the dump and we are sitting there waiting for a spot to open up when I notice this mirror in the back of someone's truck. I jumped out and went over and asked the people if I could have the mirror since they were just going to throw it away. So they gave it to me. Can you believe that a worker at the dump told us that we were not allowed to do that! O.K. so you would rather see items go into a land fill instead of being used? I don't get it, but I did get a mirror out of the deal.

Well we get to spend our new years eve going through more of Rusty's mothers stuff. On this trip up we will be going through the clothes. Joy is going to keep a few pieces of clothing and then the rest is for Rusty and I to sort through. We have decided to give the everyday clothes to lady we know who has a daughter with c.p.. Then we are going to keep a few nice outfits to just put away for future generation. The rest we are going to take to the women's shelter. We saw a news paper article a while back and dress clothes was on the list of items that they needed. I am just very glad to see the items go to a good place. I know my mother in law would not mind us doing that.

Happy new year to us. We get to drive for two hours just to load up the truck and come back. To top it all off it is suppose to rain.

We also found out that the ashes are ready to be picked up. So we have to make yet another trip up there since they will be closed on Saturday.

Rusty went out to shoot pool with the guys. I am happy that he has found an out let for his stress. I wish that I could do more for him, but....

I know that the last few days have been really slow around here. Pot is still in the safe, Ambers hole is no longer bleeding and it is healing. Nikki is still trying to believe that little boys are nice, and Ryan? Well he is still in his own little world and does not often stays there.

I will chat with everyone later

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