Saturday, December 10, 2005

mixed feelings

Well we finally got a response from the V.A. They have decided that Rusty is 100% disabled! It took them long enough. LOL I am just so glad that we finally got an answer. After all Rusty had high blood pressure for 5 years while on active duty and they did nothing about it. Uncontrolled high blood preasure is the leading cause of heart attacks. Three cheers for Rusty.

I found out yesterday that our friend Kevin is leaving for Iraq sooner then he thought. I am so sad for him. I will miss him so much. I just pray for his safe return. Rusty does not understand my sorrow because he says " Kevin is a marine and marines go to war. That is their job" Well that does not make me feel any better!

As of today I will be unemployed. This does not break Rusty's heart at all. I on the other hand I kinda liked working, and having some extra change. Petitions should start up after the first of the year, so there will be work again after the holiday's.

I am off to get some stuff done around here before I go to work.

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