Wednesday, January 11, 2006

bad mommy

So Rusty and were watching a t.v. show on Las Vegas. The dude was talking about card counting and how it is not illegal in Vegas since you are only using your brain. HMMM. The easiest game to count the cards on is 21. HMMMM. I know how to play 21 and after the guy explained how counting cards work, I van now count cards. HMMMM.

So I got Rusty and the girls at the table for a few games of 21. I did not do to bad. Then I thought well you can't really count cards in Texas holdem but you can figure out ratios will give you the odds. HMMMM. So we all played a few hands of Texas holdem. I did not do to bad.

Yes I am using my children so I can learn to count cards! I think what I really need to do is go stand at a 21 or Texas holdem table and see how I do. LOL

OH check it out. Today Rusty rode his bike while I walked my 2 miles. At the half point Rusty and I switched. I am so proud of Rusty! He was able to walk 1 mile and ride for a mile! He is so his back.

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