Wednesday, January 18, 2006

trying to find

I am trying to go to my happy place, but I am not really finding it right now. I did however find some new Rosie, and that makes me smile all the time.

I just got done asking Rusty something that I should NOT have asked him.

me: So is your brother coming out or what? I want to assume no since you have not said anything.

Rusty: bingo you got it

me: why not?

Rusty: I don't know? cannot be bothered? wife won't let him? who knows?

me: I just don't get it. My sister and I do not get a long, but I would not let her do this alone. I might want to take and push her into a hole once the funeral is over, but those are my parents.

Rusty: to bad my brother does not feel that way. Rusty walked away.

So now what? Well I am glad that I went and made him a family. At least he will be surround by strong men.

Oh well, I am going to go fold laundry and watch some t.v.


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rtgilmore34 said...

He has a brother?  And his mother's death wasn't important to him?  WHAT A DICK!!!