Monday, January 23, 2006

check it out

So I got an e mail this morning from a guy in Iraq. I added his blog to my list! You guys should check it out. I must admit that I did not think that my post went up so there are a few on there from me! No my real hair color is not blond. LOL :)

Rusty is off doing some stuff this morning. On of the things that he has to do is get Amber out of school early tomorrow. Amber has finals tomorrow, and she will be getting out early anyway, but we need her home no later then noon. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the big day. We will lay both of Rusty's parents to rest. Our journey down this dark path will finally be over. I am very hopeful that tomorrow will go good. Rusty will be given TWO flags, but we are only getting a 21 gun salute, because 42 guns would be to much. I just hope that Rusty makes it.

Now that all of this is almost over I am going back to work on Thursday. Rusty is not happy. He says " your has been robbed more then once, shot at, there was a stabbing, and you were drugged!" I said yes, but while your pay is supporting us just fine, we still need money for the girls mission trip and for other things. Rusty disagrees.

Rusty is so funny. We have never had a new grill. All of our grills have been given to us and we have brought then back from the dead every time. Well our latest grill took a crap a few months ago and Rusty was starting to go into with drawls from not being able to bbq,. So last night he went out and bought a brand new grill! I am telling you the man has pulled more meat out to bbq, then we will be able to eat. He is like a cave man just waiting to eat meat cooked over an open fire! LOL I just hope that he can get the grill together.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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