Monday, January 23, 2006

just some thoughts


So I was standing in the kitchen cooking dinner when Amber walks in and announces. " I was just sitting on the toilet it and was taking me long then I thought, so I pained my finger nails. But I forgot that I had to wipe my butt" I swear to you this child is not very smart sometimes! LOL oh well

So I was sitting in the tub thinking about this really cute top I saw and was I was wondering what the heck I would wear with it. Then it came to me. I can go to a thrift store and buy some mini skirts and the go some material and make my own pheasant skirts. They would look so cool! Hmmmm... I need to finish the projects that I have started before I start any new ones.

I am off to bed, but I just had to share with everyone that I am laughing and that life keeps going.

smile everyone.....because it will keep other people guessing

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goodwilltramp said...

That's my Amber!