Saturday, January 7, 2006

we forgot something

Well, we thought we had everything covered. Then this morning I asked Rusty what we were going to put is mother in for the memorial service. Rusty thinks we should just leave her in cardboard box that she is in. So I started pricing urns thins morning. Man some of those urn's s are expensive. So then Rusty pulls some tupperware out of the cabinet and suggested that we use that! I about fell over laughing. LOL

So now what do we do? Rusty's dad has two urns and only one urn is sealed. So do we combine the remains into one urn? Oh my brain hurts! Why are we the ones trying to figure all of this out. So, I still have no idea what we are doing.

I took the girls shopping yesterday and I scored some nice clothes for myself. I went to the mall to just get a new pair of sneakers and walked out a lot poorer! LOL Rusty was actually glad that I bought myself some clothes.

I had thought about getting some cleaning done today, but that sounds so ..... not fun.

Kevin is back in town and he came up last night. I am so glad that he is home. We only have a short time left with him and then he off to Iraq for over a year. Sometimes life really sucks.

I told Kevin that I was going to make his mom a service flag. I have not made one in a long time and I don't really like to see them anymore. I remember that Rusty got mad when I told him that I had put up a service flag for him. To me the flag meant pride that my husband was serving his country. To Rusty it represented more time away from from his family and all of the bad things that go along with war. When Rusty walked through the door he tore the flag out of window and said that I will never have to display that flag ever again. If anyone does not know what a service flag is here is link to the history of the flags.


I will talk to everyone later!

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rtgilmore34 said...

You're a good military wife!  Hey, my friend Norman (who just recently passed away himself) kept the ashes of his dead parents in pretty wrapped boxes.  Not too big.  His mom's was wrapped in pretty pink flowery wrapping paper, and his dad's was in a dark brown and black one.  Urns are way too overpriced.  Use your imagination.  I know you'll think of something good.  I went to a funeral today.  My other friend Kelli's dad died on New Year's Eve.
Love ya,