Thursday, January 19, 2006

here is my sign

O.K. so there is my sign! I must be stupid. I have been trying for hours to add music to my journal and so far it has not worked! My brain hurts and I want a computer geek!

So with that said. I am going to move on to another subject. Lets see. I got back to working on my service flags. I told Rusty the other day that I should have had them done and in the mail by now, but that I could not bring myself to work on them. I told him that they were depressing to work on. Rusty gave me some wisdom back. He said that weather I work on the or not will not change the fact that Kevin is leaving and that it would be depressing if I was asked to sew a cold star flag. The gold star means that someone had died.

So...... that is about the all that has happened today. I had to take a dress in to have it altered down, so that I could wear it to the funeral. That is depressing.

I will talk to everyone later.

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