Tuesday, January 17, 2006

good day


Today was a good day! I am so shocked at everything that I have gotten done.

I have been thinking about taking sky diving lesson's and you know... trying to get good at it. However, I keep coming back to what my dad told me. He said that it is a rush and that the first time you are going to shit your pants. He said that I would be scared. I felt non of that. So I am wondering if I would just be throwing money away, just hoping for an adrenaline rush. I guess I need to talk to my dad.

We went to the cemetery today to see if everything was set for the burial. Well of coarse it is not. It seems that Florida cannot find the burial certific for Rusty's dad. Which we need. So if we don't come up with one soon, we are just going to mix the ashes and have them laid to rest together.

Rusty's relatives should e arriving either today or tomorrow. I thank God that they do not know where we live! I don't think I could handle it. Rusty is just glad that he is not the one having to deal with all of them! LOL

So tonight for dinner we are having meat ball sandwiches! YUM! I am going to go stuff my face.


goodwilltramp said...

Meat Ball Sandwiches!  Lucky!

rtgilmore34 said...

EWWWWW!!  I hate in-laws.  They're icky!!!
Love ya, Renee