Friday, January 13, 2006

a lot going on



So I got up this morning and noticed that the dishes in the dish washer were dirty. So I throw some soap in the dish washer and turn it on. Then I hear a scream! OOOPS I for got tat Rusty was taking a shower. He said that he did not enjoy the blast of cold water that I gave him! LOL

So I am suppose to be going sky diving on Sunday! I can't wait. Then rusty says to me that he is cooking breakfast at the post that day. So I told him oh well, I guess I sky dive without you watching. Rusty did ask me to wait until afternoon so that he can watch. So I am did. I am so jazzed about sky diving!

Rusty told me that Elle called this morning to see how we are holding up with the relatives. So far so good. The crazy people do not know where we live! I am not so nice. I would not be giving up my bed for anyone. If you crash at our place you get the sofa or the floor. My dad told me to never make your company to comfortable because they might not leave.

Yesterday I crawled up into the rafters in the garage and started cleaning out. Man we had empty boxes up there. Boxes that had nothing but papers. And a crate full of cloth diapers! So I threw down all the cloth diapers and told Rusty that he now has some new rags. Then it hit me why I kept them. I was told that if you get rid of all of your baby stuff that you will have another one. So I did grab some of the diapers back and I am going to use them for birp rags when babies come over. Lord knows the last thing we want is another baby.

A few nights ago we went and bought Rusty a bigger bike, so I took over his other bike. Yesterday Rusty, Ryan , and I went for a bike ride. I forgot how much fun it is to ride a bike! I am definitely going to start riding more. Maybe I will switch off, ride one day and then walk the next.

Yesterday I bought this dress that is so nice. It is so not something that I would normally wear, but I am going to step out of my comfort zone and wear it to the valentines day party. In case anyone is wondering, I did buy it at a thrift store and I bought it on half price! I paid a whole $1.50 for it! See I am still cheap.....oh I mean frugal.

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