Sunday, January 22, 2006

a day of nothing

The dishwasher, the washer and the dryer are all running, so now I have a few moments to write.

Yesterday went well. All of the Aunt's were very nice. I really got a long with Rusty's Aunt Mary. Rusty said that he should have guessed that since we are both crazy.

Yesterday was very hard on Rusty. I had no idea what to do for him. So I just sat next to him and held his hand, and put my arms around him.

Here is something that most people do not know about me. I know my way around a Bible very well. I flipped to Proverbs 31 and started reading. That is the chapter on the wife. It say " her husbands hearts does trust her" For a few moments yesterday I was that wife. The rock that Rusty could lean on when he was most vulnerable.

Then I flipped to Proverbs 18:24 and showed it to Rusty. He just grind. That verse says"... and a friend sticketh closer then a brother" I guess that says it all right there.

Last night we came home and just fell into bed. We were both physically and mentally drained. Today will be a better day.

Life is good.

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