Monday, January 23, 2006

I forgot something

    Well, today has been one thing after another. I finally got a hold of the cemetery to find out if everything is set. Well that answer was no. It seems that the funeral home was suppose to give us the flags, but they "forgot". The lady at the cemetery was so nice, she hooked me up with two flags, so that we did not have to drive to the high desert just to get them. Then I found out that we are missing one of burial permits. So I was on the phone to the funeral home! I was so ready to explode! The cemetery finally agreed to let them fax over a copy of it and to then mail the original. This funeral home has been a pain in my ass all day!

Just when I thought I had everything set, I remembered that I did not order any flowers! So I called my mom and asked her if it would be form if there were no flowers there. I was told that yes it would be bad form. So in the morning I am going to go get some flowers for everyone to lay on the grave.

So now I hope that I have remembered everything. If not that is to bad. Lets see: bodies are in the trunk, and all of us have a black outfit except for Ryan who will be wearing cammies.

OH! our youngest cat will be going in to get his balls cut off in the morning. Poor little guy he will no longer be a male he will be an it.


rtgilmore34 said...

How long has it been since Leslie passed?  It seems like you've been trying to bury her and have her funeral for a month now!!!  God be with you!!
Love, Renee

kamdghwmw said...

Leslie died on December 12. We wanted to wait until after the holidays and then the family started saying well we want... the we sat here for a week wondering if the brother was going to show up. Now we are saying screw everyone and we are putting all this rest. I dont think Rusty will ever forgive his brother for not being here.