Monday, July 25, 2005


For some reason Rusty has been getting very angry with me the last few days. Someone we knows says that this is natural, But how much anger am I suppose to take?

Our friend told me that his anger is coming from the fact that I must now do just about everything for him.. Rusty cannot even drive right now, he still gets winded after only a few steps and I must sit with him when he showers. OH He also has no sense of balance, so he is very unstable, even with his cain.

Now dont get me wrong, I do not mind doing everything for him. I love him and I will do anything for him, for as long as it takes.

Another thing that really bugs me is that Rusty will not even touch me when we go to bed. I am not talking about sex, I am talking about a hug or something like that. Whats up with him not wanting to touch me? Have I done something wrong?

Who knows? what I do know is that I love him and I will wait for him and help him for as long as he needs me to.

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